Portfolio of expertise

Etihad Airways

place Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Brief: Develop clear guidelines on how the Etihad Airways Partner airline should implement a group logo as quality seal in addition to their individual brand. Guide the airlines towards implementation and audit the results.

The SkyTeam Alliance – SkyPriority

place Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brief: Develop and implement a label which can be implemented within 20 different airline identities. The label will be implemented at over 1200 airports around the world to guide business/first and frequent flyer program members where to get their priority benefits while flying with one of the airline from the SkyTeam Alliance


Delivery of brand manual, airport manuals and artwork for 20 different airlines. Guiding the airlines throughout the global rollout and developing all sorts of white-label activation tools for the airlines to communicate and educate about the SkyPriority program internal and external.