ROXYCOMMS delivers Brand Identity, Communications and Guest Experience concepts, creation and implementation. As your trusted partner, we translate feelings, products and words into an experience. An experience whereby all senses are touched and the extraordinary can be celebrated. 


We are pragmatic and rather focus on timeless and high quality while working together. With a core focus on and expertise in companies with a strong affinity within hospitality, we want to make people smile and feel good while creating memories as only those will come back. 

Brand identity

Brand creation

Brand evolvement

Brand alignment

Manual development

Brand analysis

Brand audit


Communications Planning

Marketing Communications

Tool development


Guest experience

Customer journey

Touchpoint development

Interior styling

Creating the “wow” effect

Portfolio of expertise

Limmat Dental
Zurich, Switzerland

Brief: Develop a brand identity and differentiating Guest Experience for a new dental clinic in Zurich.

Delivery of a no-nonsense high-quality brand identity and guest experience with the basics taken from the term of Danish Design which explains that “Danish Design is centered around the ideology that that is for the people”. The entire guest experience from the moment you look at the website till the moment you leave the clinic is build on experiencing an interior which includes Danish Design classics, a distinctive scent experience and a customized playlist to ensure a relaxing visit. Goal is to take away the fear or nervosity for a dental treatment by letting patients going through an unexpected experience where the focus is on them by touching all of their senses and to create a social space where, besides a treatment, life continues in a comfortable Nordic designed space.

The SkyTeam Alliance – SkyTeam Exclusive Lounges
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brief: Develop a new brand and design concept for the SkyTeam Exclusive Lounges which reflects the 20 different individual airline brands.


Delivery of a new Design Manual and toolkit which includes all single details for a to-be-developed lounge. Guidance and quality control during construction and delivery of the new SkyTeam exclusive lounges in Istanbul, Sydney and Hong Kong. Development of communication tools for activation via social media and global media. (Collaboration with Brandimage)

The portfolio includes work done under the responsibility of the founder from Roxycomms in previous roles

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Depending on the size of an assignment, we evaluate what ROXYCOMMS can do for you on our own, and when it would be advantageous to tap into our global network of agencies and experts. Working this way allows us to approach every assignment in a flexible way and deliver high quality results for a competitive price since our overhead costs are low.


Roxycomms looks forward hearing from you. We are ready…for inspiration, advice or a concrete new assignment. Based in Zurich, but with a global nomad attitude and experience we can be where you need us. Given our boutique-agency model, we are able to do large and small jobs for competitive prices while delivering and ensuring high-end quality. Every job is done with passion and the customer in mind.

The founder of Roxycomms is Bert Goren. Throughout the years Bert has worked in various senior positions around the world at airlines such as Swiss International Air Lines, Etihad Airways, the SkyTeam Alliance  and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. His airline expertise, together with working in Brand and Communications consulting at Globeone in Zurich, led to him opening Roxycomms in 2020. Roxycomms is an upbeat and pragmatic agency which focuses on concept and delivery of  Brand Identity, Communications and Guest Experience.